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Isolation Story

Take control of a mindless citizen and live through a 7-day quarantine inside of Lockdown City. · By Elushis


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Isolation Story now on Nintendo Switch!
Hi guys, Very happy to share today that Isolation Story has launched on the Nintendo Switch! This is my first console game and I'm very honored and excited to...
V1.1 Update + Switch Release Date
Hi guys, A small update has been released for Isolation Story which brings it up to date with the upcoming Switch version of the game. The game is also on sale...
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Iso Story Releasing On The Nintendo Switch 22/12/20
Thrilled to announce that Isolation Story is officially releasing on the Nintendo Switch! The game will be available in most regions from the 22/12/2020. -60FPS...
V1.0 Out Now + Patch Notes
V1.0 has been released! -----V1.0 Patch Notes----- NEW FEATURES ENDING: The game's ending has been implemented! Complete the 7 days to finish the game. The endi...
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Update V1.0
Hi everyone, As always I hope everything is going well. I've been busy working on Isolation Story and just thought I'd share some information on the release of...
V0.0.6 Released
Hi everyone, Isolation Story launched this week onto Steam Early Access and has officially transitioned into its "Paid" period. This means you can no longer dow...
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Small Update Released
Hi everyone! A small update went live which improves the faces which popup during conversations with all NPC's. These will be updated further with various addit...
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V0.03 released
Hi everyone! V0.03 has been released. Patch notes can be found below. ---PATCH NOTES--- Fixed bug which would result in screen being stuck red while trading toi...
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I got this game in the racial justice bundle and I'm wondering if the game is going to be downloadable here on itch or i...
started by Kuunkulta Jun 23, 2020
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