V0.0.6 Released

Hi everyone,

Isolation Story launched this week onto Steam Early Access and has officially transitioned into its "Paid" period. This means you can no longer download the game for free.

Two new updates have also gone live recently and have been added into the itch build. Going forward, both Steam and itch builds will be updated at the same time. The itch and Steam builds are both currently V0.0.6

 --V0.0.6 PATCH NOTES--

 Lighting is redone/improved. Objects now properly casting shadows.

 Tweak to the Sickness bar timer & conditions

 Fixed face graphic of a NPC in the city

 Additional music has been added to the game in forms of collectibles. Songs can be found/awarded. Once you have unlocked a song you can use your Laptop to play the music

 Other various tweaks and improvements


 Thanks, guys!


Isolation Story V0.0.6.zip 232 MB
Jun 23, 2020

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