V1.1 Update + Switch Release Date

Hi guys,

A small update has been released for Isolation Story which brings it up to date with the upcoming Switch version of the game. The game is also on sale for 35% OFF!

---V1.1 PATCH NOTES---

  • Fixed graphical bug involving the two bridges on each side of Lockdown City
  • Updated Jail Bar graphics
  • Fixed small missing patch of grass on the main road of Lockdown City
  • Small performance boost for lower end systems
  • Other small tweaks and fixes


In other news, I can finally announce the release date of Isolation Story on the Nintendo Switch!
The game will be releasing in most regions on the 22nd of December, 2020.
Check out the announcement trailer below!

Isolation Story (Nintendo Switch) Trailer:

The Nintendo Switch version of the game plays at 60FPS & 1080P Docked/720P Handheld resolutions.
Hope you can all check it out!

Thanks, everyone!


Isolation Story V1.1.zip 203 MB
Nov 28, 2020

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