V1.5.1 Major Performance Increase Update Released

An update is now live for Mutiny Island that should substantially improve the Stability and FPS across the whole game.

The boost should be more noticeable on lower-end rigs but will also benefit higher-end as well. Please let me know if it's working/not working for you!

--V1.5.1 Patch Notes--

Substantial FPS and Stability boost across all aspects of the game. Gameplay should run smoother and operate at a higher FPS for most systems.

--End Patch Notes--

I have received two reports over the last few days that Dream #2 is causing crashes. I have been unable to replicate this crash so if anyone else encounters it, please post the details about the error and circumstances surrounding the crash in the discussion boards.


Mutiny Island V1.5.1.zip 626 MB
Jun 06, 2021

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