Mutiny Island 1.4.4 Released + Guides

Hi, guys!

Thank you to everyone for all of the kind words, support, and constructive feedback.

A new update has been released for Mutiny Island!

--1.4.4 Patch Notes--

Fix for full screen after the last update. Press F4 to toggle between Windowed/Fullscreen. (This issue was only present in the itch 1.4.3 LAG FIX BUILD) The game will boot in Fullscreen if running for the very first time by default.

Fixed bug which could cause the player to get stuck in a tombstone if they were standing on the left side after being hit with a particular trap in the Marauder's Hideout Region.

Fixed bug which would prevent some of your residents in North Harbor to not respawn correctly if they're killed.

Fixed bug which allowed you to receive a BED as an item. The BED is an item from development and is no longer a usable KEY ITEM.

Removed excess/trash files. Lowering total overall game MB size.

Various other small tweaks and bug fixes.

If you are updating your game from an older build and wish to continue playing your old save file, Download/Install the game and then go into the folder called "www" and then the folder called "save". Paste all the contents from the old "save" folder and paste them into the updated game versions "save" folder.


I just wanted to also mention that you can find some Useful Gameplay Guides for Mutiny Island here:

In other news...

Isolation Story has entered its paid period. Which means you can no longer download/play the game for free. If you're interested in supporting development please consider checking the game out on Steam or itch.

Isolation Story Steam:

Isolation Story itch:

Thanks, everyone!


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Jun 25, 2020

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Hey, can you exit the temporary rafts? or are they one use in that way? Like you have to crash it?

They sink once your feet touch sand, or rocks that you can stand on in the water. They can occasionally sink when disembarking in the water but usually they will allow you to jump off, have a swim/collect some items and then jump back on. Just don't touch the land. Big Ships like the Frigate or Galleon can be used freely and will not sink on disembark. They can still get stuck on land though so make sure to make the Big Ships your home so that you respawn and can keep using it without buying a new one.